Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Only The Left have Rights

Have you noticed?
They can take God out of our schools because they have the right not to hear about Him, but we don't have the right to exercise our religious beliefs?
They can push around old people, attack churches and get people fired from their jobs, but if we call them faggots it's a hate crime?
They have the right to murder the unborn and we don't have the right to not pay for it with our tax dollars?
They can call George Bush any number of vile names, but if we even disagree with Obama we are called racists?

The list goes on and on.

The vocal minority has changed the landscape of our government and our country while the silent majority sat back and did nothing (myself included). It's time for a REAL change, and not the kind Obama is shoving down our throats. It's time for Conservatives to stand up and make some noise. A LOT of noise - without ceasing. Let's become the squeaky wheel that finally gets oiled or we will have no country left. What we will have is a Left Country.
Is that what we want to leave our children? I think not.