Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Rally

Oregon City, Oregon - Taxpayers Tea Party 4/15/09

Our Taxpayers Tea Party was exhilarating. We had over 300 people and we were pumped up! I took a ton of pictures - for posterity - We didn't have any imposter's. And we only had one really rude motorist go by. The street we were on was incredibly busy so we had super visibility. I never saw any news crews, but that doesn't surprise me. People that don't "get it" really irritate me. They just don't want to "get it". It's not about taxes. It's about spending way more money than we have. It's about putting our grandchildren in debt for the rest of their lives when they didn't even have a say in it. Actually, none of us had a say in it. Congress didn't even read the bills they signed. Having our protests on Tax Day was a symbolic gesture.
It wasn't about taxes, although we believe our taxes are going to go way up in the next few years. It was about the spending.