Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Have Much To Be Thankful For

Though I am constantly occasionally whining dreaming about "my" farm in Northern Idaho, ( you know, the one I don't have but still wish I did), I do realize that my home here in Oregon is a gift.  The house will probably always need something else repaired, maintained, or replaced but what house doesn't?

There are blessings all around me when I just take the time to look.  This picture is of the back of our property.  The trees are enormous and it's a very peaceful place to wander.

And when my wandering spirit gets it's fill, I can come back and visit with "The Girls".  My how they've grown!

Then a sweet snuggle with this old guy -

Or a game of catch with this little one.

I can do a little bird watching -

Or forge a new trail through the Ivy.

This year we found something amazing in the Ivy.  A small bird had built her nest in the Ivy on the ground! Have you ever heard of a bird nest on the ground?  We never have.  It certainly left us scratching  our heads.  Tim put a fence around it so the dogs couldn't get to it and we would not accidentally step on it.  If you click on the picture below (twice) you will see the eggs in the nest.  It is almost dead center in the picture.

With the spring comes the Peonies.  They are gorgeous and I don't have to touch them.  God takes care of them.  I told you I was blessed :)

I love color.  Lot's of color.  I think it's because we live under grey skies for so much of the year.  This is the beautiful hanging basket my son brought over for Mother's Day (even though I was in California).

What a sweetheart.

Thanks for stopping by!