Monday, September 16, 2013

Amazing Volunteer Sunflowers

Against all odds.

Tim found these growing
in the midst of the chaos
of our newly logged field.


 The birds planted them. . .

And God watered them.



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wood Floor

At the same time the loggers were falling trees out back,
the new wood floor was being installed inside.
I think it turned out beautiful.

The area rug came from my Mother's house.
It will soon be replaced with a different color,
although I think it looks lovely on the floor.

I wasn't sure I would like having wood floors, but I love it.
The floor we picked is hand scraped and has a matte finish.
 The dogs can't really hurt it because it has a rough surface already.
Simply wonderful!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blogger Issue

I have been getting emails from Blogger saying they cannot use my credit card to renew my domain name.  The card had expired, so I updated it last month and now Blogger is sending me the same email.  If my blog disappears, it will be their doing, not mine. I have corrected the payment information - what else can I do?  Have any of you had this happen?  Any suggestions?


Thursday, August 29, 2013


Now that I have replaced my computer, I really need to start bringing this blog up to date.  There are so many pictures (hundreds) of the logging operation that they all begin to blur together.  So I have chosen a few to show you so perhaps you can get an idea of the scope.
Below is a picture I took of Tim the day before the loggers came.
Notice the wall of green behind Tim in this picture.
Here is the same place, minus the wall of trees. 
I was astounded at the expanse of sky that was revealed.  It was, and is, fabulous.
The brown lump you see in the background is one of four slash piles. They are two stories tall and we will burn them in November or December.  I've been told they will burn for at least a week. 
This is one of many trucks carrying logs to the mills.
I snapped this shot because of the size of the logs.

Here is Tim sitting on his forest.  You can imagine how large the stumps were.
My employers did us a huge favor and sent an excavator out, with an operator, to dig the stumps and pile them up for burning.  They saved us thousands of dollars.

This picture was the view from the drivers seat of my car when I pulled into the carport.
(The framing on the left is the RV building that never has gotten the sides covered.)

This was the view towards the end of the logging operation.
Now there is about 7 cords of firewood stacked next to the RV building.


This is just a random shot of the loader piling up logs. 

I must say it was a bittersweet time for both of us.  We want to have pasture to raise our own beef, but we truly loved those trees and have lived with them for 17 years.  The first day of logging I was in tears several times. It was gut wrenching.  Every tree that came down shook the house when it hit the earth.  It was quite loud and scared my poor dogs to death..  But now we are looking forward to next spring when the grass is planted and the fencing is in place.  We will have ample room for a huge garden with no worries about big trees blocking the sun.  As hard as it was, we are both happy with our decision.  We didn't make as much money off the lumber as we had hoped, but when all is said and done I think I will still get that barn I've always wanted.  And, of course it will be RED!



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Still Alive!

My computer is still torn apart and the various componants are somewhere in the guest room with a bunch of other stuff that needs to get put away.  Having the floors done and getting Mom's furniture at the same time was like moving out and moving into a new house.  I still can't find anything and I've ended up with more stuff than places to put it!  As for the trees..... my oh my it was quite an adventure.  Actually it still is.  I have tons of pictures to share, but I need to be able to get my computer up and running first. 


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tomorrow It Begins - Finally!

The logging company will be hauling in their equipment tomorrow morning at 5:00. Less traffic to disrupt in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  The trees begin to fall on Monday.  Tonight I took some pictures of the trees from different views.   It's kind of bittersweet but I just have to keep my sights on those cows that will be grazing on that lovely pasture!  Lot's of pictures coming soon. . .



Saturday, May 25, 2013


Help!  My blog has been hijacked!  Ok, not all of it but something weird has happened.  Do any of you remember a blog written by Kris Watson called Simply Living?  She also started a blog called Heritage Skills.  Well, the Heritage blog has been taken over by something called "Special Offers" and it's a marketing thing, AND I CAN'T GET RID OF IT.  I tried hiding the blog in my dashboard but I still get the feed right at the top of my list.  Why don't I just ignore it?  Because this is MY blog and I don't want their advertisements in my reading list.  I'm ticked.  Is anyone else being affected by this?  Does anyone know how to stop getting a feed that you no longer want?  Blogger says to go to the blog and "unfollow" the same way you sign up to follow.  Problem is, there is no way to do that on that site.

Any suggestions?????


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chances Are

If you recognize anyone in this photograph, we are related. . .

My Grandfather is the dashing gentleman that is being framed by the pink draperies.  My Grandmother is sitting next to him, on his right, but her face is almost completely hidden by the flowers in the center of the table.  You can see her large white earring and black hair. My Mother is the third person to the right of my Grandmother.  I'm sure she had her long red hair pulled back in a pony tail. The lady in the center-front of the picture, with the hat and purple dress was my Great Grandmother. This was her dining room.  She had 12 children and lived in a mansion. (I never saw it although I have pictures of it and there are some on the Internet at the Historical Society). The rest of the people are my Great Aunts and Uncles and their spouses.  Most of them are gone now, but I remember them well.

As you know, I recently brought home two POD-like storage containers filled with furniture and boxes from my Mom's.  Among the heirlooms that will soon be in my living room is the beautiful camel-back sofa that came from my Great-Grandmother's mansion.  I even have a photograph of her sitting on it with my Great-Grandfather. I am humbled to be the next in line to own that piece. I will take good care of it.

I've never told anyone before that my Great-Grandparents were wealthy and lived in a mansion.  He died before I was born, and she died when I was nine.  (But she had been in a nursing home for a long time and we had moved away, so I didn't really know her.) I never even had dinner at a mansion, much less lived in one! My Mom tells me stories about playing on the servants staircase that was in the back of the kitchen.  She remembers all of it like it was yesterday.  I love the stories.  I will need to record them to pass on with the sofa someday.

So, I confess, I'm a Redneck by choice :)  I grew up with candlelight and crystal chandeliers, and have one hanging in my dining room to this very day. (Only because my Mother insisted on buying it when we saw it at a thrift store). I live a simple life in a small town and never seem to have enough money to even do proper maintenance on the house.  But I still appreciate sterling silver and fine china. I can celebrate my roots and still dig in the dirt.

I often wonder how many others are, like me, descendants of the people in this room.  There must be a lot of us.  We moved to Colorado when I was nine years old and that was the end of our family get-togethers on that side of the family.  We were still close to my Grandparents, but we didn't go back to see any of the extended relatives.  I asked my Mom why and she kind of gave me the run-around.  I think she may have been treated poorly when she ended up being divorced after only a few years of marriage.  Back then it was a pretty scandalous thing.  And even if it wasn't the fault of the wife, she was forever the black sheep of the family.  Mom has never said that, but I think that's what happened.  I'll probably never really know.  And after all these years it doesn't matter anyway.  I would still like to know who my relatives are. 

So, if you know anyone in this picture, let's talk family!



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Are Not Alone

This is happening all over the world.  Wow. Just wow....
I pray it makes a difference.  
Our lives and the lives of our grandchildren depend on it.



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No Time or Energy To Post

I have been at my Mother's for over a week now and last night was the first time I had the energy to turn on my computer.  I visited as many of you as I could but left no comments.  Tim will be here on Saturday and we will fill up the containers with furniture and boxes to bring back home.  This has been an incredibly emotional time.  Watching my Mom let go of everything she has collected and loved all these years has been painful for me.  Some things are coming home with me because she just needed to know that someone wanted them.  Many of her belongings were her Mother's before her, and her Mother's before her.  Generations and heirlooms.  Her home will never be the same, nor will mine.

The house now belongs to my Sister and her husband, and the next time I come to see my folks it will be as a guest of my Sister.  Construction has already begun on the Master bedroom and bathroom. (It was needed badly).  I will be eternally grateful that they were willing to make this move so that Mom and Dad could stay in this house and be cared for by someone who loves them.  I know they will be in good and loving hands for  the rest of their days on this Earth.  Still, this is hard.  This forces me to accept the reality of their mortality.  I don't want to face that. I need them.  I will always need them.


Friday, April 12, 2013

This and That

Shortly before my last furlough I decided to take all of the pictures off of my bulletin board at work and start over.  I had only put a few pictures back up when I took my week off.  When I got back to work there was a sign pinned to the bulletin board next to my picture of Harriet (my deceased favorite chicken, in case you don't remember). 

From my Boss:

He cracks me up!  He's an old farm boy. He eats chickens, he doesn't take pictures of them. He also teases me without mercy, but it's okay because it keeps things real.  

Today we closed up the office and all went out to lunch.  One of our rock suppliers gave us a very nice gift certificate to the restaurant at a golf course.  I seldom go out to lunch with the guys, but I needed a change of scenery so I agreed to go.  (I wondered what the waitress was thinking when she saw one woman having lunch with six men.  Ha!)  We had a great lunch and guess what we talked about most of the time?  Guns.  Not one word about the political climate, or gun control, or anything like that.  Just stories about guns in their lives and finding them and losing them and messing up the sights, etc.. It was quite enjoyable.

I'll be heading back to sunny California next Tuesday for a couple of weeks.  My sister and her family are moving into my parents home and I'm bringing back a storage container full of  Mom's furniture. Things are going to get really crazy, very fast.  I will arrive on Tuesday and we have to be ready for a huge garage sale on Saturday. Yikes! 

I will be blogging from there on my net book.  My wonderful employers just upgraded my cell phone to an iPhone 5, so I should even be able to get some good photos.  I'll just have to figure out how to get them off the phone and onto the computer!  (One thing at a time).

Hopefully, by the time I get home those trees out back will be gone and the new pasture will be taking shape.  Hmmm.  We'll see. :)



Monday, April 8, 2013

Still Here

Just haven't been feeling well.  I'll be back soon.


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Wishes

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


In Portland there is a well known hospital called Oregon Health Sciences University, commonly referred to as OHSU.
These pictures were taken in the ladies room on the Cardiology floor.  See the little sign on the wall above the silver plated sensor?  You won't believe what it says.....


It kind of makes you wonder how much they think of their patients intellects. Apparently, we don't know better than to drink from the toilet instead of the drinking fountain.  Oh, and notice it is only in English, so the minorities must already know better. :)
Well, I'm so glad they cleared that up for me!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

When The Sun Shines

Finish your outdoor work
and get your fields ready;
after that, build your house.
                        Proverbs 24:27

We have been outside, soaking up the vitamin D, using those forgotten muscles that are needed for pulling weeds, and getting the greenhouse ready for seeds. Tonight we got another estimate on clearing the back of our property. Someday soon we'll have a lot more sunshine for a bigger garden, a nice fenced pasture for a couple of cows, and a barn full of hay.  It sounds like I'm dreaming, and I am - but it is getting really close to coming true.  :)

Have a great week!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Coffee With Jesus

Every morning I spend time reading my Bible. It makes a difference in how the day goes.  My Mom gave me a little devotional book called "Jesus Calling", by Sarah Young, and I read a page each day and then the scripture that goes with it.  Well, as you know, yesterday was not a very good day for me. And last night, even though the leg cramps were not as severe, sleep was not good.  I fully expected another blue day as I poured my first cup of coffee.

When I sat down and opened my little book, this is what today's lesson said:

"Be on guard against the pit of self pity.  When you are weary or unwell, this demonic trap is the greatest danger you face.  Don't even go near the edge of the pit.  Its edges crumble easily, and before you know it you are on the way down.  It is ever so much harder to get out of the pit than to keep a safe distance from it."

My reaction was a grateful heart followed by a fit of joyful giggles.  I showed Tim and we laughed together.

What great timing.  God is so good.

Today was much better.  In fact, today was a great day!

I hope yours was too.



Friday, February 22, 2013

Bunch of Stuff

Lot's of stuff going on here and I'm feeling kind of blue.  Our day at the range was awesome.  I look forward to the next visit.

My son and his wife have separated and we didn't even know there was a problem.  It makes me so sad.  And I'm not sleeping well, in fact I've been up much of the last few nights.  I have bad muscle cramps in my feet and legs at night, and sometimes they keep me walking the floor.  Lack of sleep really gets my spirits down.

Then today I got this in my mailbox:


"This bill bans most modern firearms and magazines, requires that you register the ONE gun you will be allowed to own and allows for warrantless searches of your home.

This may be one of the most extreme anti-gun bills introduced in the nation.See the whole story at the following link:

Yeah, I'm a little blue.
And I'm tired.
So tired......


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Home, Home On The Range

When  I get money for Christmas it seems to disappear pretty quickly.  You know, clothes for work, new books, a kitchen gadget.  This year was different.  This year I hoarded that money like a mad woman and last week I became a full fledged member of "The Range"!!! (Me!  The woman who quit the Ladies Basic Pistol class after the second week OUT OF FEAR! ) 

On Sunday we attended a 3 hour orientation at the club house.  There was standing room only.  They said the last two months the class had been overflowing.  The room was filled with couples and families. I sat next to a couple that had recently moved here from Chicago.  What a change that must be for them.  Not only the weather, but the whole attitude of the population. (I hear Chicago is a "bit uptight" with King Rahm at the helm.)  Anyway, back to the story..............

After the class ended we drove around and I took a few photos with my phone. (Sorry they're so poor.)

A little about the club, copied from their website:

"12-lane indoor range for any handgun up to .45 Win. Mag and also .22 rimfire rifles. 

The shotgun facilities include two Trap houses (one open to members at anytime there is not a shotgun or long range event going on), a 10-station Sporting Clays course and a 5-Stand course open to members and the public on most 2nd and 4th Sundays. 

A 100/200 yard Range for rifles (also open to handguns and black powder guns if the Silhouette Range is closed), 

a Silhouette Range for handguns of any caliber and black powder firearms of any caliber, and .22 rimfire, 

a Long Range to 1000 yards available to members every Thursday,

and an Archery Range."

Pretty scary exciting stuff, if you ask me :)  

We had another meeting to get to after the orientation so we couldn't stay to shoot. Guess where we're going tomorrow after church? Yep. You got it.  I am very excited and worried sick all at the same time.  I am hoping to really get involved with the club, like helping out at matches, clean up days, and any volunteering that comes up.  The more I am there, the more comfortable I will be.  That's my theory anyway :)

Unfortunately, when I run out of ammo, it may be awhile before I can find any more. (Mr. Obama would you please resign?) 

By the way, Tim bought a little Marlin 22 cal rifle with part of his Christmas money.  He says it's for plinking. I can't wait to try it too!  Since I am the person that actually joined the gun club, I am considered the Senior Member.  Tim, as my spouse, is an Associate Member.  Lucky guy.........   :-)



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Do You Live In A Constitution-Free Zone?

I'm not a big fan of the ACLU, but this is very troubling.  Just something else to worry about! 
Good grief!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let's Talk About Word Verification

Way back when I had word verification on my blog, there was just a word - and you could read it.  Now there are letters that sometimes are impossible to read and numbers too small to decipher.

When I decided to boldly go into the land of "Word Verification Free" blogging I was a bit uneasy.  What would happen if some horrible person put something really bad in my comments?  That's when I realized that first of all I would get an email with the comment right away, and second, Blogger is REALLY good at screening out the spam.

So I did it.  And guess what?  Not one single offensive comment has appeared on my blog.  Blogger catches all comments that are not genuine.

So, all I'm saying is this - if you still have word verification active on your blog, why not be bold and try the freedom of doing without the pesky thing?  I bet your readers will comment more.  And if you are still too uncertain, comment moderation is another good choice.

Quite often I would love to say something about a blog post I just read, but either I don't have the time to mess with the verification, or I just get too frustrated trying to find one I can actually read!  I'm pretty sure I am not alone in this.

Please, won't you join the movement to eliminate word verification????

Just my opinion :)



Sunday, January 27, 2013

My body is telling me

Step away -
                   - Calm the heart -

Pray more -
                   - read the Bible more

Trust more -
                    - Fear less

And breathe.........

Sometimes I forget how much of an enemy stress is.  The fight for our Constitutional rights is not going to go away but I will be no good to anyone if my permanent address changes!

I think it is time to turn off the news for a bit and refocus on the inside.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not out of the fight,
             ..... I'm just reloading.


photo credit: Amy McTigue via photopin cc

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Have Never Been So Proud of Oregon

Sheriff Tim Mueller of Linn County, Oregon has written a letter to Joe Biden saying he would not enforce unconstitutional gun laws.  Also, Crook county sheriff, Jim Hensley said he sent the same letter to Biden.
Now Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County has joined them.  It has begun. God Bless those brave men.  We need a lot more of them. 


Monday, January 14, 2013

Church With My Dad

My Dad is a man of faith. Real faith. Deep faith.  An amazing man. Truly amazing.
Years ago he had to have a hip replaced and ended up with a blood clot in his lung. The clot was dissolved and the new hip was marvelous, but life changed after that. Soon the knees became bone on bone, but the doctors would not operate because of the history of blot clots.  Still my Dad refused to give in to a wheelchair. He lives in a great deal of pain and yet praises God joyfully.

One of his biggest regrets is not being able to attend church very often anymore.  He has a small travel chair that works similar to a real wheelchair, but it is not easy for my Mom to maneuver.  So yesterday my sister and I loaded him in the car and off  to church we went.

We got there between services and that gave Dad an opportunity to visit with many friends he hasn't seen in quite awhile.  One of those friends helped us get him situated in the sanctuary just in time for the beginning of the service.  He was beaming.  It was so obvious that he was thrilled to be there.

The sermon was excellent and the congregation was invited to come forward to take communion.  We waited until most of the people were through the lines and then my sister wheeled my Dad down the aisle to the table holding the silver trays.  The table was too high for him to reach and so I was able to serve my Dad communion.  It was incredibly emotional.  My sister and I were streaming tears as she pushed his chair back up the aisle to return to our seats.

The rest of the service was powerful and uplifting, and by the time it was over we all knew it was a day we would never forget.  What a gift to all of us. God is so good.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Missing The Gun Rally

I flew down to Southern California yesterday to spend a week with my folks.  The flight was uneventful, as was the security at the airport.  The weather is chilly but SUNNY with beautiful blue skies.  Maybe I'll stay until summer :)

Seriously, I will probably not be blogging much this week, although I will try.

I received an email this morning from Oregon Firearms Federation, passing on the schedule for a Pro-Gun rally at the state capital.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest and can attend, it will be on the 19th of January in Salem.  I understand people are coming from far and wide, and also that this will be taking place all over the country.  Salem, Oregon is an OPEN CARRY, (unloaded) city.  So if you go, please carry your gun. If you don't own a gun please go anyway to support your right to own one.

I will be flying over Salem about that time, on my way home.  Bummer.  I would have liked to attend.  My husband can't attend either because he has to pick me up at the airport.  Double bummer :( :(

Mom's up - gotta go!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flannel Sheets


flannel sheets


Have you ever slept on flannel sheets?  I thought they would be miserable.  The only sheets I wanted were high thread count and pretty dang expensive.  And that was the problem,  or at least most of the problem. I needed an extra set of king sized sheets because our bed is a king and the guest room is a king, and it’s nice to have a spare.

Anyway, I went to Costco to buy a set because the last set I bought from them was very nice and affordable.  But what I got was not at all what I expected.  The fabric was completely different and the sheets were way too deep for our bed.  I should have taken them back, but I didn’t and I’ll only use them in a serious pinch. 

Then shortly before Christmas, while walking through a local store I noticed the flannel sheets on sale for $20 for a complete king set.  For $20 I had to at least try them.  Guess what?  I have  never slept better in my entire life! I climb into bed at night and it’s warm.  It’s like sleeping in a cocoon or something.  I love it!  In fact, when my Mom complained about being too cold at night I sent her a set.  She had exactly the same reaction I had. 

kimlor-sierra-plaid-flannel-sheet-set-twin-6-oz-cotton-sage-twin (1)

So, if you’ve never tried flannel sheets you are missing out.

And now I’m going to bed!



Monday, January 7, 2013

Farmers vs. Monsanto


On January 10, family farmers will enter a courtroom in Washington DC to take part in the appeal of OSGATA vs Monsanto et al, a court case filed to protect farmers from genetic trespass by Monsanto’s GMO seed, which contaminates organic and non-GMO farmer’s crops and opens them up to abusive lawsuits. In the past two decades, Monsanto’s seed monopoly has grown so powerful that they control the genetics of nearly 90% of five major commodity crops including corn, soybeans, cotton, canola and sugar beets.

In many cases farmers are forced to stop growing certain organic and conventional crops to avoid genetic contamination and potential lawsuits. Between 1997 and 2010, Monsanto admits to filing 144 lawsuits against America’s family farmers, while settling another 700 out of court for undisclosed amounts. Due to these aggressive lawsuits, Monsanto has created an atmosphere of fear in rural America and driven dozens of farmers into bankruptcy.
Farmers need your voice today.  Just tell them you stand with them. 

And please spread the word..



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet Mr. Lincoln – Made in the USA

Mr. Lincoln After watching the super helpful video link from my friend Daddy Hawk, and learning all about the construction of safes, we followed the advice of another friend Jacked Up Glock Mom and headed out to the Liberty Safe Outlet nearest to us. 
We coughed up doubled our budget and purchased the Lincoln model knowing if we didn’t, we would be wanting a bigger safe next year.  Most everyone says buy bigger than you need.  Of course they’re right.  (Guns and purses – you can never have too many, right?)
I would like to send out a big “Thank You” to everyone that commented on my gun safe post.  All of your comments were helpful, so thank you very much.
I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that Mr. Lincoln has joined the family and will keep everything nice and secure. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ladies, Our Time Has Come

The following video is Carrie Lightfoot from The Well Armed Woman asking us to band together to protect our right to defend ourselves.  What she says is right - it would be very difficult for a politician to deny a woman the right to protect herself from harm.  We need to do this.  We need to become a very strong voice in this country.  We need to drown out the whining, sniveling voices of those that wish us harm, like Dianne Feinstein to name one.  I'm writing my representatives, will you join me?

By the way, if you would like to ask Ms. Feinstein why she believes she has the right to take away your self defense, here is her email address:



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cool Metal Work

While perusing the classifieds at one of the local ranges I came across an ad for custom hitch covers.  Way cool :)  I contacted the artist, Tom, and got some more information.

There are quite a few models to choose from on his website.  (, in the center of the page find the words”CLICK HERE” in red, then click on “weapons” and that will bring up pictures of the various models available. Keep in mind that these are life sized pieces.  (In other words, you can’t have a rifle or a sword just because they are on the list.)


Below is a copy of his ad:

“Realistic pistol shaped and sized receiver hitch covers. You can also just have the flat piece by itself for use as a wall hanging or paper weight. These are heavy 3/16 plate, that's computer cut. The pistol can be welded onto the desired sized receiver tube.  $35.00”




If you don’t have a hitch, how about a “No Parking” sign for your driveway?  I love it. And it’s only $40.00.  You’ll have to contact Tom for dimensions because I forgot to ask.

357 no parking signs

I do not know Tom, have never met him, and will receive no compensation for posting about his work.  I just wanted to share something I found that I thought was very cool!  So, go check it out :)