Friday, March 25, 2011

Making Beef Sticks

As I told you in a previous post, the day our power went out we went up to the neighbors to make beef sticks. 

Four pounds of lean ground beef for every pound of ground pork.

Weigh it and put it in the mixer with the packet of seasonings,
 and start cranking.

Trying not to waste any meat :)

Cutting the casings to the right length to fit inside the smoker.

And then a quick lesson.

After tying off one end with cotton yarn
the casing gets slipped over the tube.

Then neighbor G guides the beef stick as the casing fills up with meat.
Tim is slowly cranking out the ground meat mixture.

Next they tie off the other end.

And the process is repeated till the meat is all gone.

After that, everything goes into the smoker.
I don't remember how long he smoked it
but it wasn't more than a few hours, I think.

Out of the smoker and cooled off it is ready to
cut into the size we want.

Then a swift visit to the Food Saver and
ta da!  Beef Sticks!

Yum, yum!

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