Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shopping Day

We spent some time on the road today and went to Bob's Red Mill.  We really wanted to get wheat berries but we still have no grinder so that will have to wait.  We did however, buy a large amount of wheat flour and an assortment of storage containers.  Bob's Red Mill is a fascinating place.  I could spend hours in there but Tim has a way of hurrying me along.  (Now, the tractor store is a different story!)  The first time we went there I spent over $50 and didn't even buy food, which is what I went for.  I got so excited about the kitchen gadgets I kind of lost my head :)

The company is employee owned, and you can tell by the customer service.  Each one of them truly has pride in their work.  It really shows. 

I have been trying to research grain mills.  I am so confused!  It would be nice to have one that is convertible, from electric to manual.  But we're talking big bucks for that.  Way more than I want to spend.  There are quite a few manual ones and it's hard to know if the cheap less expensive ones would do the job.  I have read all the reviews I can find and they are all over the place.  Some people hate them, some people love them.  And I don't personally know anyone who owns one, so I can't ask for a recommendation.  Do you have a grain mill?  If so, would you buy the same kind again if you had to replace it, and what kind do you have?

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Small Town USA?

We live in a town of less than 3,000 people. It's a nice little community filled with mostly "normal" folks.  However - "Small Town USA" it is not.  Just this week I received the local newsletter advertising what there is to do around town and what classes are starting, etc.

First we have Yoga at the local Library.  OK, that's not too bad.  I'm sure there are lot's of people that could benefit from Yoga. Maybe.

Next up is "Personal Transcendence" - using "Energy Medicine Techniques".  I kid you not.
Then as if that is not enough, there is always the "Drumming and Sound Circle" by the local Shamanic Sound Healer.  Honest!

What happened to Bingo, you say?  Well, funny you should ask because not only is there Funny Money Bingo, there is also Chicken Feet Domino's and a Big Ukulele class at the Community Center.  (Just for us Rednecks!)

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