Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tree Falling

We had a large Fir tree on the side of our property that was leaning towards our neighbors new pole barn.  Our neighbor on the other side is an Axe Man Logger. I say that with tongue in cheek because although he really is a logger, he was only on the TV show for about 3 minutes.  Anyway, my husband keeps Axe Man's lawn mower running and as payment Axe Man takes care of our little forest. We are by far on the winning end of that deal!  We enjoy our trees and try to respect and care for them, HOWEVER, trees are not for hugging.  God gave us trees for many reasons and they are a renewable resource.  This tree will keep us warm in the cold winter months ahead.  We don't normally take our trees down for firewood, but this tree had become a liability and had to go, so we will not waste it.  But let it be known I am not an environmentalist, nor will I ever be.  Nuff said.

See the tall skinny tree way out there?  That used to be a very full Fir tree.  Axe Man limbed it about a month ago.  I've never seen such a pile of limbs.  And of course we had to move them all.

Here he is making his way up the tree to take the top off. He climbs like a monkey!  It is amazing :)  Now you can get an idea of how tall that tree is.  He is a full grown man, probably around 5'7" or so.
 He's got a fun sense of humor too.  All the time he's climbing that tree he's singing the blues about having had too much Jack Daniels the night before! 

His chain saw is tied to his waist, you can see it hanging down below him as he climbs.

He's up there somewhere at the end of that rope!

And "timberrrrrrr"!

He took off two more sections totalling 14' and then fell the rest of the tree.

The top measured out at 37', the two sections that came next were 14', and the rest  of the tree measured 62" long, for a total of 113'.  (And 10' 7" around at the base).  Good sized tree. 

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