Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Storage Pantry Progress

We are making progress and we're enjoying the effort.  This is something Tim and I are both concerned about so we are working together on it.  We are already beginning to create new habits when it comes to shopping and cooking.  I am cooking more - and liking it!  Who knew? 

Anyway, in the picture below you see we have begun to fill the shelves.  The 4 Rubbermaid containers under the bottom shelf are full of things in boxes and bags.  The thought being that we can keep out the rodents that way.  Hanging on the left is a clipboard listing the contents of each of the 4 containers.  So far it's working out pretty good.  When we use something we cross it off the list, or change the quantity that's listed. Then we add it to our shopping list for next time.

We are increasing our water supply also.  The two liter bottles are drinking water, and in another area we have lot's and lot's of gallon jugs full of water that can be used for things other than drinking and cooking.  Without power we can't even flush a toilet, so in a short term emergency we can use a gallon of water to flush with.

Today, unbelievably, a tornado touched down in Oregon.  It did a lot of damage in the town of Aumsville.  After leaving Aumsville it came up through our town.  Fortunately by the time it got to us it was just very strong winds.  I still can't believe it.  BUT you never know and that is why we are doing this.