Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome, Welcome!

I'd just like to send  a big welcome out to my new followers.  Thank you for visiting and I look forward to getting to know you.  I have a hard time getting to the computer some days, so my posting is somewhat spotty.  Today was a busy day.  Again we were offered free firewood.  This time it was on a job site and they needed the pile to be removed as soon as possible.  Well, in my house, no matter what you have planned or what you are in the middle of, if someone offers free firewood you drop everything and grab a chainsaw.  

So off we went to cut wood again. We met at 9am - much too late to beat the 90+ degree heat today.  We got a trailer load and my boss got a trailer load, and half the pile is gone.  So tomorrow we are meeting at 7:30am to finish the job.  I really love free wood.  I think it burns hotter :)

While we were gone the wind picked up to a frenzied pace and flattened all of the corn in our garden.  And if that wasn't bad enough, it knocked out the power too.  So rather than sit in the house, which was getting warmer by the minute, we took off for a 2 hour shopping spree at Home Depot.  I'm on furlough next week and my "project" this month is to clean, fill, sand, prime and paint the master bathroom.  But first Tim needs to replace the exhaust fan.  So, after the big shopping trip I think we have everything we need.  Or, everything I need, to be more precise. And, fortunately, the power was back on when we got home!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Cat and the Firewood

My boss asked me last week if we'd be interested in the three logs that were over in the yard.  He said they would make a nice pile of firewood, and of course I said yes, thank you very much!  The problem was finding a way to get the logs on the trailer so we didn't have to cut and split the wood on site.  It was way too hot out for that kind of activity.

Hmmmm.  I think that will do the trick!  Meet Miss Cat.

One in the cab, and one on the ground, and one behind the camera.  That's my kind of hard work!

We brought chains. . .

They offered to let me do this part and I politely declined.

And off she goes into the sunset (ok, it was still morning) after a job well done.  Good girl!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

My New Stove!

First off, let me welcome the new followers!  It's great to have you here.  I am humbled and pleased, so do make yourselves at home.  I am not very good at responding to comments.  I am working on that, so please bear with me.

Now for the news we've all been waiting for. . .

Ta da!!  We bought the stove.  The guy said he was told it worked but had not tested it.  We decided to take a chance when he said to bring it back for a refund  if it didn't work.  Win win!  Besides that, he was only asking $100 for it.  The stove weighs hundreds of pounds but luckily we have a great neighbor that is always willing to help.   After the guys got it out of the truck and into the garage, we (meaning Tim, not me) spent some time checking all the wiring out, switching the pigtail, and cleaning off all the spiders and "spooky stuff."  I did help clean the drawers :)

For those of you who are new here, our house has a daylight basement, and in the basement are two single car garages and a one bedroom apartment which I call my studio.  That is where my "canning kitchen" is. When we got the stove into the kitchen it fit beautifully.  I was totally smitten. I can't believe I could get so excited about an old stove!  It looks great and guess what - IT WORKS!  The rear burner on the left is not working but Tim thinks he can fix it.  Everything else works.  I spent all day Sunday canning plums on it and it was awesome.  There is room for two or three canners at one time. 

The big surprise was the broiler pans - original - were still in the ovens.  I was stunned.

The next three pictures are from the seller.  This shows the griddle in the center.

When you remove the griddle you have a very large burner underneath.

You can raise this burner to the proper height to use for CANNING!

Be still my heart.....

Oh, and believe it or not. . .
The clock still works.

And so does the light :)

I have no excuses now.  I best get busy filling up my pantry.

Next post will be all about firewood and big excavators, just so you know I don't always go on and on about kitchen stuff!

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