Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had the meal at our house this year.  We usually do.  Turkey in a bag, as usual.  But this year Tim and I made the Pumpkin Pies!  Neither of us have ever made a real pie before and this is as close to real as we could get for a first try.  We bought the crust, so I guess we cheated a little, but still - we did it!  It turned out okay.  We did a deep dish and a regular dish.  The deep dish is the only one I have tasted and even though it was okay, I've tasted better.  Next pie we make will be with our own crust.

I am slowly making friends with my kitchen. Now that I have reorganized the cupboards it is much easier to work in.  I have caught myself actually enjoying it!  Tomorrow or Sunday we are doing our second big "shopping for storage" trip.  I got some money for my birthday and have decided to buy a food dehydrator.  Dried foods keep longer and better, and in less space.  I also want to buy a water bath canner but I really need a winter coat so what's a girl to do????  Oh well, the canner can wait.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cabin - Part One

My grandparents had some land in the mountains of Utah, and in the early 1950's they built a cabin there.  They did most, if not all, of the work themselves.

 Now when I say "cabin" I am not talking about a one room rustic box.  This was a two story, five bedroom, one bath  log cabin on the river.  It even had a dishwasher and garbage disposal.  (It also had a Bat living upstairs at one point, but that's a post for another day).

After the first couple of years they realized they wanted a patio in the front (there was already a nice one in the back overlooking the river) so they tore out the bay window and built a covered patio.  But they still had the problem of only one bathroom.  They had large parties and a lot of family.  One bathroom just wasn't enough.  So they built an outhouse.  Yes, an outhouse.

From the front patio they built a covered stone pathway to the "outhouse".  From the day it was finished it became the "facility of choice" for every visitor.  My grandmother had a wonderful sense of humor and designed the building herself.  The fixtures were ornate gold, the chandelier crystal, and the flooring and counter top had real gold flakes suspended in them.  And of course the room was quite large with a shower, two sinks and a toilet.  But the fun part, and so typical of my grandmother, was the wallpaper.  It was little drawings of a Victorian woman in an antique bathtub, or wrapped in a towel, painting her toenails, etc. 

That's where I got my love of the country.  I grew up in the city, but spent every summer at the cabin.  Rivers, mountains, and Aspen trees. Hunting, fishing, and learning to shoot.  Pot-guts, Chipmunks and Deer.  And learning to drive the jeep. The pink jeep. (Someday I'll do a post just on that jeep!)

The picture above shows the original cabin in winter. I was never there in winter although my brother often was.  Inside that large bay window was a seat with storage underneath it.  The seat lifted up and on one side my Grandfather stored extra wood for the fire.  The other side was filled with toys and games.

There was a large old player piano that we all learned to play and sing along with.  That piano is now in my Mothers house and will someday belong to my younger sister.

This picture shows the new patio as well as the pink teeter-totter and wishing well.  To the left of the cabin is the covered walkway to the outhouse.  You can see part of it behind the teeter-totter.

This shows part of the outhouse building.   Someday I will ask my Mom if she has any pictures of the inside.  It would be nice to record them here for the family to share and remember.  The cabin now belongs to my cousin, whom I have not spoken with in many years.  Sadly, my grandchildren will never get to experience the cabin that holds so many of my life's memories.  I would have loved to share it with them the way that my Grandmother shared it with me.  Hopefully this blog will give them a glimpse into the past.
More to come!