Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Emergency Preparedness Expo


Last week there was a two day expo at a large  LDS church not too far from here. I found out about it in an email from my chapter of Americans For Prosperity.  There were all kinds of classes, an hour long each, all day long for two straight days.  I was on cloud nine!  Canning, Sprouting, 72 hour kits, Ham radios, water storage and filtration, wilderness survival, meals in a jar, grain mills, dehydrators, gardening and seed saving, and on and on.  The classes were taught by the “experts” from the County Emergency offices, the Police, the University extension service, the Red Cross, and some stay at home Moms too!  Wow.  I had a blast.  I took some pictures with my phone and they are not the best quality, as you can see. The class rooms were on the outside of a large central room, and in this center room were tables filled with samples and literature and people with tons of knowledge.  Nothing was for sale so there was no pressure. If you were interested in buying something at a later date they could only point you in the right direction with a business card or catalog.





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I ran out of energy before I ran out of things to see, do, and learn.  It was a fantastic experience.  I’d go again in a heartbeat.

All of the handouts are available for free on their “website”.  Check it out – you might find something new! 

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