Thursday, December 6, 2012

Six Months Later. . .

It's hard to believe I have been gone six months.  After my food intolerance diagnosis things kind of went down hill.  When Dr. #2 got my blood tests back we had a "go-round" about cholesterol levels and life style. There were a few visits to a cardiologist, etc, etc....  I refuse to ever take cholesterol medicine again but did agree to get back on the treadmill twice a day.  So far so good.

In the meantime. . . I have become a food snob!  Being forced to do research and read labels because of food allergies has really opened my eyes to the terrible things we eat.  I supported the GMO labeling law in California, but sadly it did not pass.  Thanks mostly to the $47 million that Monsanto poured into lies to defeat it.  Washington State is trying to get their label law passed now.  Hopefully they can do it. 

I have been busy crocheting gifts for Christmas.  My tree is still not up because I have been gone here and there.  The kids and grand kids are coming so I really need to get busy.  I have sent everyone links to Gluten Free cooking websites.  We are having a Gluten Free Christmas!  Last Sunday I was in Seattle and took communion at church with the family, and they used real bread for the communion.  I just ate it and then said "oops"!  No harm done though.  God is good.  Always.

I have been around to your blogs many times this past 6 months, but my comments have been few because I am always too hurried.  Some of you have been in my prayers for specific reasons, some "just because".   I will try to re-surface before Christmas, but you know how that goes :) 

Thanks for stopping by!