Thursday, December 13, 2012

That Old Pile of Bricks


See the snow covered pile of bricks next to the barn?  I purchased those bricks from my former employer on April 1, 2004 for $240.

In July of this year, my sister came to visit and we went to Seattle for a few days.  What happened while we were gone is nothing short of a miracle.  Okay, maybe not a miracle, but definitely astonishing!

Below is a series of before and after pictures.

brick pile


This picture shows the gravel pathway along the left side of the barn.  It also shows the gate going out to the driveway on the right.

gravel walkway


This is the “before” picture of the left side.



This is what it looks like now.



This is the before picture of the right side.



This is what it looks like now. (With three beautiful custom made boxes for shade veggies in the summer)



This is the same place but looking from the opposite direction.  Before….



And after!



I need to leave town more often.  MUCH more often!


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Clackamas Town Center

My sister-in-law and my 16 year old niece work at Clackamas Town Center.  By the grace of God, yesterday was their one day off for the week. They were safe at home. My heart aches for those that were not so fortunate and the families of those injured or killed.  Please keep them all in your prayers.



Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Picture Speaks Volumes


I was going through some pictures from our “big” snow storm of 2008 when I came across this one.

The picture shows one of our gas stations (we have two!) on 12/22/08.  This is shortly before Obama took office.  He had won the election but was not actually in office until January 2009.


12.22.08 gas prices


Now let’s blow that up and take a good look………. Since we live in a small town, the prices at our gas stations are ALWAYS exactly 10 cents higher than the closest city.  So, on December 22, 2008 the price of gas in Portland was $1.59 and the price of Diesel was $2.25.

12.22.08 gas prices cropped

Interesting , eh?